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Advanced Window Cleaning has been service the greater Tulsa Metro area for over 11 years with a reputation for excellence in the industry and an unheard of "money back" guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service. 

The "Advanced" advantage:
AWC (Advanced Window Cleaning) offers Eco friendly state of the art purified water window cleaning using demonized water (and a biodegradable cleaning solution for day to day services - see description below). 

Utilizing a high reach pole instead of ladders and/ or scaffolding, we eliminate the risk of fall or injury on your property and can perform the exterior window cleaning service in minimal time, reducing cost to you, our client. Purified deionized water is the next breakthrough in professional window cleaning services. Already popular in Europe, AWC brings this patented technology directly to your doorstep. 

The "earth friendly" biodegradable day to day cleaning solution we use - "Glisten" is:

  • Biodegradable  - No Phosphates or Ammonia
  • Won't Harm Glass, Plastic, or Metal
  • Kind to Hands - Neutral pH
  • Anti-Static - Does Not Attract Dirt (like most soap-based products used by other window cleaners)

Window cleaning services:

  • Exterior monthly starting at $75
  • Exterior quarterly starting at $100
  • Screen cleaning $1-$2 per screen
  • Interior window cleaning offered annually or semi-annually





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