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The IPC Eagle Hydrocart utilizes reverse osmosis and mixed bed de-mineralizing resin to produce 100% pure laboratory grade water leaving no trace or smearing on windows when allowed to dry naturally. No chemicals are used, so no damage is sustained by the environment or the building surfaces. Normal window cleaning techniques (while still efficient for some applications) result in leaving a sticky residue that attracts fresh dirt back to the window surface resulting in more cost due
to the fact more maintenance is necessary for upkeep. The system Advanced Window Cleaning Company uses (IPC Eagle RO/DI Hydrocart) is able to regenerate water on-site enabling us to do a job in less time than many other companies.


All equipment is mobile and can access windows from 1st to 3rd floors while enabling the operator to remain on the ground. Awkward and sometimes dangerous areas can be cleaned saving time and money on more expensive access equipment. Utilizing High Reach Poles almost eliminate the use of ladders. (Ladder use results in up to 20 fatalities per year, and approximately 1500 accidents) The use of water fed poles allows the operator to clean faster (less time equals less operating cost, which, in turn is savings passed on to your company) and remain on the ground level of the building creating a safe work environment for the benefit of both companies.

Super-Lite extendable or SL-X™ for short. Is the lightest, most compact range of telescopic water-fed poles in the world.

Full carbon-fiber construction with MCM™ insulated handle section providing the rigidity of carbon-fiber throughout the pole while keeping the operator safe from electric shock. The SL-X features a newly designed protected nylon clamping system and a twin color overlap system with removable sections. It comes complete with Super-Lite® brush, angle adapter and hose.

This pole will revolutionize the work day.

The Ultra Pure Hydro Cart has the unique ability to produce a high volume of pure water on normal tap water pressure. This is a 4-stage filtration system that includes carbon filtration, sediment filtration, reverse osmosis, and then a deionization process to produce mineral free water providing for incredible cleaning action and spot free windows. Weighing only about 50 lbs, it is easily maneuverable and can operate in either a vertical or horizontal position. 






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